Erica Baum - Sightings <|>
A white egg shaped object was observed ascending into a fog bank and descending again at a greater distance before moving away. It had pulsating white or pinkish lights around a rim which look like a flashing theater marquee.
Two bakers observed a slow-moving, glowing, red-tinged white globe glide noiselessly over a bakery. It hovered about 20 seconds before moving out of sight.
A bright blue glowing object was seen flying in circular and zig-zag patterns. At times a green light could be seen pulsating at tree-top level.
An oval object with rotating balls of white light was sighted. It passed first in front of and then disappeared behind low cumulous clouds.
A silvery thin object issuing an 8-foot colored vertical exhaust and carrying an orangish light descended with a falling-leaf motion and disappeared behind trees in a large swamp.
She glanced outside and saw a red glowing object with a point on top and a blue glowing square on it’s underside flying with a fluttering motion toward and then over Duck Pond. It circled and wobbled momentarily and then reversed direction without turning.
An object was sighted which looked like a white dish inverted upon a dish with a dark ring around it’s perimeter. The light was first a dim white light which brightened and dimmed to nothing and was replaced by first a purple then a blue and back to a white light again.
A driver left her vehicle to get a closer look at a ball of fire hovering low over snow-covered trees. When she approached within 150 feet of it with a flashlight, it accelerated away at a 45 degree angle, causing snow on the treetops to swirl. 
The object was described as being oval with a dome and surrounded by a ring of vapor. It glowed violet when it was stationary but turned to a greenish blue when it moved away with a dancing motion.
A green triangular shaped object with its blunt end forward hovered over a farm before accelerating away at great speed and disappearing over the horizon.