David Row - Cosmic thought bubbles <|>
“...who bared their brains to Heaven under

the El and saw Mohammedan angels

staggering on tenement roofs illuminated.”

from Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” 1955.

Cosmic thought bubbles my own celestial

meanderings and misadventures of cosmos

and microcosm pinpoints of thought or light

forcing out darkness but still optimistic

easier writing in the work in my own

perilous zone of malcontent content.

David Row


David Row
Excerpts from Cosmic Thought Bubbles
Cyclone fence circumstances
The house discreet, hole
in a pathetic trait, when it’s important.
Five years, loose and old and adventurous
Troubled front yard walk
two brothers across
at 9:39 Eastern Standard Time.
The bay outside the ocean better than people
years older too. Country barber raccoon hat costume
and a constellation of red dots
To anyone but me
The combination music nearly country
learned freedom - happened but before
lay conscious link, miles twisted from it to write
not suddenly aged, van zandt music and trane tip
Rained their kids, found it sat like feet
at the deepest end edge to edge
no blah one, organized when it doesn’t
important papers, truckloads of memory
Into Detroit, clawing involving a tricycle
and I by family lore bear the smell of Mom and Dad street.

Who says that old never forgotten
back to her house girl I was attracted jones
cat about Gazarig Poofman Ogle Shivers Katfish