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Write like a Roman performance, lack of interest, or simply modern painting in middle ages.
Part 18.
I'm sitting at a round table again. The table has lion feet, and the table is made of rocks*. The light is lit and the Knights of the Dark are arriving with the treasures of the dead. Someone is there. Who is coming at this time of the Dark Night? I don't know before I can see the spirit of the artists from all over the world. The oracle and the gatekeeper of the big picture are the eyes of every artist that pray for the power of magic and her soul. The furniture is also speaking to me, they are from the 1700s, from a castle in Hungary  and they are saying that now the bohemians from Kristiania and the artist from the world are coming to speak with you.
Hey Munch, cool!, long time since I spoke with u.
M- Hey Tony how are u?
T- I'm OK, I'm on vacation from the tourists of the universal installation. Have u been painting lately?
M- What a silly question. Of course, I'm a painter, I do stuff. I fill my canvas with soul and feelings. I'm not a minimal artist nowadays, trying to suck dick for a designed Merchandise.
T- He he! I know, it's fucked up if you don't. Being someone´s gallery-project, eating your socks, and a wannabe artist with no expensive cigarettes.
M- Shut up, You think you are the shit. But you are in your own head without the reflection of talking.
T- What do you mean? I'm a painter sometimes, and sometimes I want to go on a vacationvisiting you people. It's so many artist now, that I'm glad I'm not a ordinary person from Art Now. It's so good to tear down the heroes of the knight, aren't you also afraid of the gate of the bad dead spirits and the suicidal prisoners?
M- I lost more people than you know. Especially with this hype hipster times. Everyone is screaming my name and thinking I'm a good artist because my family died. For fucks sake.
T- I'm sorry Munch, so much drama, I love u!
M- Are u gay or something?
T- I'm in love with art and love it. Its not only you that gave art the unknown ego feeling. Or what do you mean Asgeir Jorn? Your drive is the old cavemen with stones on there heads.
A- I'm inspired by you mister Munch, and also the folklorists and animalistic, and I don't have to tell u anything, I just paint and trust myself, and all my helpers and colleagues, put them into a group so we can exclude them from the fun of it, and be so professional that we can play with our children.
M- I have more kids than you ever will have Jørgensen.
Munch raises the glass and sits down in the chair. The chair makes a squeaking sound and he takes a cigarette and lights it and takes a deep breath.
A- Cheers guys and women! The big table with all the heroes, that didn't know they are heroes before they died, and they meet there as heroes. All the kings and queens of art and no-art. Cheers!
M- Chairs* People! Its good to have some humor and intelligence nowadays. To all collectors out there, buy some art from the living -living artist, especially Tony, he is one of the best painters still alive: So respect him for his decisions, and there is more where that came from.
Ernest Mancoba- Hey I have something to say about that.
A- Long time man! Nice to see you my friend!
E- Tanks Asger! I have been in my country for a vild*. *originating from the Norse name Alfildr, formed by Alfr, "elf" and hildren "fight". Here I search for finding my roots again and try to strengthen my spirit of the cave in Afrika, where all the draining and ghost are coming from. I didn´t get it! But the suffering will end and there will be a comeback. I´m only listening to the birds, the wind, water, only thinking, not acting out too much anymore, only painting with a branch I'm holding in my hand. RIP dog.
F. Leger- Teaching is the word, or a tribute to society, to speak for itself, that was what you where writing about, Yes you Mr.T. Fiction about the apparently hypothetical souls, and using our names as an amatour-amateur* you are, and try to write some dumb language about the world and what it has become.
T- Yes in some sense, but also by painting simultaneously, by writing this, and thinking when  the ritual of doing so*, without thinking, or reflecting about too much, when it is too much fast fury and unedited matter.Everyone has to make their own manifest and doing that by not writing at all, in a complex way for your self, only by their own cryptic language, saving the good parts for yourself.
M- Ego! You are a ego-man with big dreams, maybe sitting in a fancy chair not listening too much on* your self, you have to get the hell out of town! He he! We are in a group or family
where we almost act different from one to one* relation.
T- Hey I know! I have been killing my ego for so long, and it shines through anyways!. But I remember that you said by yourself, that I'm only gonna* stick in town and see the whole world in my hand, or something like that.
M- Someone wrote that, but not me, maybe you. By stopping or freezing time, it happens something that is not something more than chaos of the black backdrop silver chrome of your own shadow. And therefor your only existence precedes essence of the universe. There is a lot of false charlatans out there that wants to be the one on the opposite side, the right, safe way. But inside of the holistic circle of bonds, we can say the whole picture underneath the willpower, will be understood of the onlookers. The secrets of the sky and we, are from the same star and your ancestors before you help you if you need anything at all.
A- We are all from the same star if we can call that*, it´s a lot bigger than we think, so why write about it!?
E- I think it´s more like smaller then u say, it´s some walls that we are not seeing, you cant feel it, it´s hidden for the poets too. But you can hear more about it through the oracle of the woman.
Kandinsky- What about the sound! God damned! That´s the most respectable act of them all. We are so primitive when we are talking to Tony here, and we are forced to be in this constellation, it´s almost the same as understanding a person of* a different language, and have to speak the same noises, when we are individuals trying to start a band.
Karel Appel- Conclusion: lengthen, eye-makeup and really slow understanding, then painting sound, or 2 different things at the same time, rapidly changing by past, present, future and end up in decay. Put on the glasses people! Open your horizon.
M- Yes! We are painters ,or artist, with common understanding, and I want to be left alone. I don´t like artist that play that they are artists in the front, fighting for a better awareness. Write on the walls and don´t burn people. Don´t try to read books or bomb a painting. Constructing a myth of sacrificing living humans is a way of dealing with history, and there are more things to come of this silent war of lying. Shit it´s hard to paint and speak to you and write at the same time.
K- Let´s misunderstand and play together. We are children sitting in the sand helping out, listening to ---------------------------------------------.--,.-,.--,.-,.-,.-..--..,.-.--,.-.--.,-.-.-,.--…-,-…-,-,.-..-,..---…,--.,-.-, the parents sitting on the shoulders, the gate keepers of the angels, and power of the good positive thing, like painting my music.
M- So u are from the cool period Kandinsky teacher,  Ha Ha!
T- Non-referentiality, non-artists, only your own home and the pleasure of admire-ism* without being an art historian on a "professional" level. How to document those desires of keeping the days going, and have a blast of love, the love without love-ing yourself in poetry non writer-ism*.
Jackson Pollock- Hey! I got framed and killed by someone who gave money from something like an organisation like staging my death in the tree of life.
T- That´s crazy man! Your paintings in the desert are so true to me, I love them.
J- Thanks man!
Henry Matisse- Too much unserious writing, the things that happened in C.I.A are more serious than talking to u. Descriptions fictif? s 00485423418 `?=)(/&&% De héros en utilisant le nom d'artistes bien connus comme un lieu à l'école!! Il vient de lui jouer là-bas mais il a chaque un grand fan de la mine longue, ha ha!
T- Painters painting is a painting. I know that story and the news are telling the truth!
T- France I love u!
F- Here is no complete formal definition of tragicomedy from the classical age. It appears that the Greek Philosopher Aristotle had something like the Renaissance meaning of the term (that is, a serious action with a happy ending) in mind when, in poetics he discusses tragedy with a dual ending. In this respect, a number of Greek and Roman plays, for instance alchescieye may be called tragicomedies, though without any definite attributes outside of plot. The word itself originates with the Roman comic playwright Platinium, who coined the term somewhat facetiously in the prologue to his play Amphytyioonis
The character Mercury, sensing the indecorum of the inclusion of both kings and gods alongside servants in a comedy, declares that the play had better be a ”tragicomoedia”
Caravaggio- His paintings, which combines a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting, had a formative influence on the world and u as well, don't forget it. When u reed this text, you should get really angry and make your one manifest of your own poetry mind., shadowists modern painting."
M- Ånden! As we say in Norway! Or spirit of the whole world, like religionist! Living in materials, living in your ancestral world, living inside people like Tony and other people who are true to the woman who is the God.
C- Who created a lot of these jewels, shaman energy, like a woman. Thank God.
Constant Nieuwenhuys- For those of us whose artistic, sexual, social and other desires are farsighted, experiment is a necessary tool for the knowledge of our ambitions – their sources, goals, possibilities and limitations.
But what can be the purpose of going from one extreme to the other, like man, and of surmounting even those barriers erected by morals, aesthetics, and philosophy? What is the reason for this need to break the bonds which have kept us within the social system for hundreds of years and thanks to which we have been able to think, live, create? Is our culture incapable of prolonging itself and of leading us one day to the satisfaction of our desires?
In fact, this culture has never been capable of satisfying anyone, neither a slave, nor a master who has every reason to believe himself happy in a luxury, a lust, where allthe individual´s creative potential is centred.
When we say desire in the twentieth century, we mean the unknown, for all we know of the realm of desires is that it continuously reverts to one immeasuable desire for freedom. As a basic task we propose liberation of social life, which will open the way to the new world – a world where all the cultural aspects and inner relationships of our ordinary lives will take on new meaning.
It is impossible to know a desire other than by satisfying it, and the satisfaction of our basic desire is revolution. Therefore, any real creative activity -- that is, cultural activity, in the twentieth century – must have its roots in revolution. Revolution alone will enable us to make known our desires, even those of 1949. The revolution submits to no definition! Dialectical materialism has taught us that conscience depends upon social circumstances, and when these prevent us from being satisfied, our needs impel us to discover our desires. This results in experiment, or the release of knowledge. Experiment is not only an instrument of knowledge, it is the very condition of knowledge in a period when our needs no longer correspond to the cultural conditions which should provide an outlet for them. [...]
...being free is like being strong; freedom appears only in creation or in strife – and these have the same goal at heart – fulfillment of life.
Life demands creation and beauty is life!
So if society turns against us and against our works, reproaching us for being practically 'incomprehensible,' we reply:

humanity incapable of understanding anything but the necessary struggle for

That we do not want to be 'understood' either, but to be freed, and that we are
condemned to experiment by the same causes that drive the world into war.

  1. creators in a passive world today's strife sustains our inventiveness.

  2. Finally, that humanity, once it has become creative, will have no choice but to
    discard aesthetic and ethical conceptions whose only goal has been the restraint of
    creation -- those conceptions responsible for man's present lack of understanding
    for experiment.
Therefore, understanding is nothing more than recreating something born of the same desire.
Humanity (us included) is on the verge of discovering its own desires, and by satisfying them we shall make them known.
I wrote this.

A- Nice Constant, we are back again to the group-mentality, manifest type of dialogue, vandals. He He, good luck!




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Founded by Christian Tony Norum, Espen Lomsdalen,Sebastian Helling,Herman Ernest Mbamba, Andrea Bakketun, Arild Tveito, Oda Broch, Juan Andres Milanes, Anders Nordby, Yngve Benum, Petter Ballo, Eva Ballo, Mickael Marman, Amir Amadeus Asg harnejad, Thomas Hammouda,Knut Ivar Aaser and Camilla Steinum.

Christian Tony Norum

Christian Tony Norum

Christian Tony Norum

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T- Utopia poetry of the human mind, parallel to the animals living in a cave painting the walls, and perpetruum mobile trait. 

Dra ws and builds upon knowledge from social abstract mannerism, and placement of the search for the nerve inside yourself.
Going home to history of freedom with nothing more then sensation and empty pockets to time to time*.
Dissolving the power of understanding and get the poets that try to find you. Only interwoven blankets will be for the secondary truth of the outer space shuttle. And there are motives for you to expel magic into outsider visions and you have a choise to be who u are with the others in big Apollo 18 program. No destination. Only looking at the other side. A Outsider you are in this world. Live your life fully. I´m a dog from the palace le grande with errors of the mind experience.
But it will be really good when we meet!
Christian Tony Norum
Invisible                 speculations creating artistic vision  Manifesto revealing  hitherto  e x p r e s sion--ismartist
Hitherto condemned to a purely passive role in our culture.stimulated art define abstract relationship
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Christian Tony Norum
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Christian Tony Norum
Wonders of the world, the sight of chairs falling from the sky.
Christian Tony Norum