Kjetil Skøien - Dancing In Texts <|>

An erased face is laughing
the eye is a black hole
the skin is moving
white is blue on the backside
a bikeboy falls


The boy walks through the mirror
insects eat a cross
skaters circulate
earth is canned
pearls run out of mouths


Shadowspots hit dripping wax
young girls stand behind crying walls
old women need male company
hands are rented out
the family leaves the big city
an uncle carries weapons
bloodthirst is waiting for the hunting party
the boy is wiser than his age


The old woman has lost a shoe
her toe is still red
brown runs the face
the landscape flattens out
people run the streets
cars break in teargastears
hands hold feet
pine forests fall
branches cover the road
sand blows upwards


A friendship kisses
the lovestory has become history
the passengers look like each other
eyebrows are painted
the tv screen sows news
the carpets are thorn in the middle
the backside carries text
a stone hides a face
breasts crack
thousand and one day alone in darkness